Re-gearing's news

I've set up a real blog for myself, so I don't have to mix business with entertainment (or ranting, whichever is more likely). It can be found here:'s news posts will now be reserved solely for Xnapid-related news items, such as software updates and new projects.

SoundBoard 2.2 released

I've updated SoundBoard to fix a glaring bug regarding page titles not saving when the page is changed. Anyone who has already purchased SoundBoard can upgrade to 2.2 by logging in to their account and clicking the "My Software" link; SoundBoard 2.2 will show up in the list as a free upgrade.

I also wanted to thank those users who have reported bugs or offered suggestions to improve SoundBoard. I'll try to think of a way to reward you :)

SoundBoard 2.1 has been released

I've finished version 2.1 of my shareware program SoundBoard. Those of you who have already purchased SoundBoard get the update free; everyone else should download the trial version and try it out :)

Avoid 1&1 Internet like the plague

So now that I have entirely distanced myself from 1&1 Internet (as in, accounts are closed and prorated refunds have been received), I can detail the crap I went through with them that made me decide to leave. This is a long post; you may want to make yourself a sandwich first. Read on when you're ready...

Server switch!

If you can see this, then's DNS settings have propogated and the new server is live! Please bear with me while I obtain a new SSL certificate; in the meantime, you should add a temporary exception to your browser for the self-signed certificate I'm using in the meantime so that you can log in to your account. [Update: The new SSL certificate is installed. Carry on :)]

SoundBoard v2.0

I mentioned previously that I had posted the old version of SoundBoard for download. Well, I have actually completed the new version! It's pretty cool - check out the link in the menu to the left for a screenshot and a download link for the shareware version, or just click this link to download it now:


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