Soft82 award

SoundBoard 2.2 has been given's "5 Stars Award" for being "excellent and above average in [its] category" (according to the e-mail they sent me about it).

I can't complain about free advertising, even if their product page for SoundBoard is shamelessly copied-and-pasted from mine (minus a few letters and words), and I may as well put their award up. (Edit: I would, but their award is geared toward sites with a white background... so it won't be put up until I change over to WordPress.)

I should note, they either give "no award" or a "5 Stars Award"; there's no in between from them. However, some browsing through their categories showed that most products don't have the award, so it seems at least that they're serious about it.

Anyway, you can check out Soft82's page on SoundBoard here if you're desperately curious: