SoundBoard is a small program to help set up sound effects and background music for parties or computer-hosted internet radio shows.

Features of SoundBoard 2.4:

  • Ten sound clips per page for easy grouping of related sounds.
  • Plays any sound formats for which Windows has codecs.
  • Play/Pause and Stop buttons for each sound.
  • Allows the volume for each sound position to be individually controlled.
  • Allows the sound buttons to be renamed as desired - simply right-click on the desired button.
  • Allows sounds to be placed in 'repeat' mode by right-clicking the sound button and choosing "Repeat Mode".
  • Hotkeys for each sound: 1-0 for buttons 1-10, Page Up/Page Down to change pages, and Backspace to stop all sounds.
  • Free upgrades to any minor version updates to Soundboard (2.x).

SoundBoard 2.4 requires that both Windows Media Player 11 and the .NET Framework 4 or newer be installed on your computer. Please visit Windows Update to install the newest versions of these products.

Download the trial version of SoundBoard 2.4 to give it a try.  The trial version is identical to the full version, except that "save" and "open" are disabled.

To request features or suggest improvements, please send an e-mail to

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