SoundBoard is a small program to help set up sound effects and background music for parties or computer-hosted internet radio shows.

Features of SoundBoard 2.4:

  • Ten sound clips per page for easy grouping of related sounds.
  • Plays any sound formats for which Windows has codecs.
  • Play/Pause and Stop buttons for each sound.
  • Allows the volume for each sound position to be individually controlled.
  • Allows the sound buttons to be renamed as desired - simply right-click on the desired button.
  • Allows sounds to be placed in 'repeat' mode by right-clicking the sound button and choosing "Repeat Mode".
  • Hotkeys for each sound: 1-0 for buttons 1-10, Page Up/Page Down to change pages, and Backspace to stop all sounds.
  • Free upgrades to any minor version updates to Soundboard (2.x).

SoundBoard 2.4 requires that both Windows Media Player 11 and the .NET Framework 4 or newer be installed on your computer. Please visit Windows Update to install the newest versions of these products.

Download the full version of SoundBoard 2.4 for free now! The trial version is no longer available.

SoundBoard is provided for free as a convenience; it is no longer supported or maintained.

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